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Slots Strategy

Slots are a casino game where the player’s goal is to use vertical reels containing pictures and symbols to make winning combinations. They are incredibly simple, and wins are based on luck and random chance rather than skill, giving all players an equal chance of winning regardless of their time spent playing. Online Slot games are very similar to their traditional real-life counterparts found in casinos except that players can enjoy the machines from anywhere. Whether it’s on the commute to work, the privacy of your own home or at an awkward dinner with the in-laws, Online Slots allow players to choose where they play rather than having to sit in a fixed establishment.


Online Slots come packed with state of the art features like animations, bonuses, graphics and sounds. The symbols and animations are based on the theme of the game, which can be objects like gold, foods or wild jungle animals to name a few. Initially, Slots only had a few reels and a single line. Nowadays there are thousands of different games, they can have three reels, five reels and thousands of lines. Online Slots also have free to play options ensuring that they have games for all player’s needs.


1. How To Play Slots Online

2. Types of Slots

3. Top Strategy Tips

4. Promotions & Bonuses

5. Slots Frequently Asked Questions

How To Play Slots Online

Regardless of which Slots game you pick, they all follow the same basic rules and gameplay, the slight difference in features doesn’t have a significant impact on the gameplay. The goal is to spin the reels and hit winning combinations when the spinning stops. Symbols can be horizontal diagonal or in a zigzag. Each reel has roughly 20-25 symbols, which means with such a vast amount of symbols and lines available there can be millions of possible combinations, especially on the games with heaps of reels.

After loading the Chumba Casino screen up, players will see all the different kinds of slots available, and the minimum GC amount required to play. There are games suited to all budgets, with the lower stakes games starting at GC1 and going up to GC25 or higher. If you put down CG on one line, it’s the minimum amount for that game, so if it’s a GC1 game, each line costs GC1 or one coin. To start players pick how many lines they want to play, then they choose how many GC to put on per line, which can be from 1-10 or even more coins, players can elect to make the value of the coins higher than the minimum. GC amounts can also be modified between spins.

After setting the value for each Sweeps Coin, players then select the number of Sweep coins they wish to put down on one lines per spin. The higher the amount of GC put down, the more significant any potential wins are. It’s a good idea to check the wins table icon before starting play; it’s here you’ll find the winning combinations listed and any possible bonus features. Win tables also contain a list of different symbols, their values and some will even include the theoretical return to the player.

After deciding how much GC to put down, click spin and the game begins. The reels stop automatically after a certain amount of time, although some games might have an extra button that allows players to cease the spinning themselves. Everything happens at once; lights might start flashing, music will play and depending on the game, animations could play. Once the reels come to a complete stop, if any winning combinations are made, the player wins based on the value of the symbols. Some games will offer an option to multiply any winnings before the next spin. It’s usually identified as the button, but different Slots can call it something else.


The function is the same regardless of what it’s called though. If any winning combinations are achieved, they will win, or the option will be given to play it and double the amount won. The play feature is entirely optional and players can choose to stick with their current winnings usually by clicking a take win button. Click the play button, and a simple animation will appear offering two choices, typically red or black. The player chooses their option and like the flip of a coin, if the player calls it correctly their money is doubled, if they decide wrong the winnings are forfeited. It is entirely random and there is no way to know which one it will be.

Each Slots game also has special symbols that result in more significant wins or other special events like a feature. Features can award between 3-50 free spins and sometimes have a sizeable multiplier attached to them, which as the name suggests will multiply any winnings by a set number. Any bonuses will need to be initiated by the player and then the game automatically spins any bonus rounds. The bonus rounds can award more free spins, another multiplier or start something else entirely, in theory, the player can keep winning free spins indefinitely, there is no limit on how many bonuses can be earned in a row. Any wins are tallied up and awarded at the end of the event. Some of the newer Slots games can have more interactive arcade puzzle rounds that require a bit of skill to win. These are modelled on old arcade games, and the player is rewarded based on their performance.

Another bonus game activates when a specific symbol comes up, and it takes players to another game screen where they have to choose between several different symbols. These special symbols are usually based on the theme of the game. These additional bonus symbols can provide more free spins, multipliers and randomly generated coin prizes. Keep picking symbols until the mini-game ends.

Two other types of special symbols to look out for are the wild and scatter symbols. Wild symbols can substitute for anything to make winning combinations and sometimes have a multiplier attached to it. There are expanding wilds which stretch across the entire reel and stacked wilds which stack on top of each other. Scatter symbols are the highest wins and may trigger features. These symbols are always different and usually stick to the theme of the game.

Pick a game. Click spin. The reels will spin for a few seconds and then stop. If they end on a winning combination, players win the value of the symbols or unlock feature bonus rounds. Then there are only three options: play, take the win or start the feature. The game ends when the reels stop.

Types of Slots

There are thousands of different Slots games to play online, but most will fall into two main categories, video and classics. The classics are games with no features, only a few reels and are very straightforward. The newer video versions have animations, lights, sounds and a multitude of bonus features. There are then six subcategories that all games will fall into regardless of the name; chances are they will fall into one of these six.

  1. Classic SlotsThey have three reels, minimal lines and the symbols will be the old-school bars, melons and cherries from the original slot machines. Players win by getting three symbols in a row. Classic Slots don’t usually have bonus rounds and have no unique features. They are the most straightforward game type to play.
  2. 5 Reels They are the most common Slot game type and as the name suggests they have 5 reels. 5 reels have around 20-25 lines and is the standard game amongst online Slots. 5 Reels include bonuses and features.
  3. 3D Video SlotsHave animations, lights, sounds and interactive graphics that are almost film quality. 3D Video Slots have no mechanical constraints because it’s online and has the most interactivity of all the Slot game types.
  4. 1024 Ways SlotsThese Slots are high stakes; players automatically put down on all 1024 lines available, which is roughly 30 times the average coin size. Usually, each new line costs extra coins. 1024 Way Slots eliminate this by playing on every line and charging one flat price.
  5. 243 WaysSimilar to the 1024 slots, except its 243 lines. Players win a flat price to play all 243 lines.
  6. Progressive SlotsProgressive slots are offered by most big online casinos. They operate the same as other slots except, part of every GC amount goes to a communal jackpot pool spread across every casino which offers the game. Jackpots are usually triggered when playing the max and are very rare. The progressive prize can be won via a bonus round or triggered at a random moment. Because of their rarity, jackpots can often reach millions of dollars before they are triggered.

Top Strategy Tips

Slots are a game of random chance and require virtually no ability to play. There isn’t really a way to use skill to play better, but there are ways to play smarter, which is the closest thing to a strategy you will get with Slots.

Bankroll management tips

Setting up a bankroll before playing slots can be as beneficial as learning the rules and tables. Smart bankroll management will ensure that players have enough money to play for as long as they want and ensure they don’t lose more than they can afford.

The first step for proper bankroll management is to work out a limit, the absolute maximum amount that you are willing to lose. When this limit is reached while playing, that’s when to stop playing, no matter how tempting it is to keep going. The second step is to work out a rough estimate of how long you want to play and work your set limit into the equation. So if you have a limit of GC300 and want to play for three hours, work out how many spins an hour that is on average GC amount you’ll be on each line. Slot machines make it easy to keep to a budget because they have set GC limits already. The last step is to check the price of each game and pick one that falls within your budget. If there is a game you just can’t walk away from, but it falls outside your budget, you may need to recalculate and sacrifice an hour or two of play time to play your favourite game.

Gameplay tips

One of the only constants in the highly erratic game of Slots is that winning is heavily reliant on luck; this makes it easier for new players to play but limits the number of strategies that can be used to win. There are still a few things that players can do in the game that will improve chances of success, although there is no real strategy to play the game, it’s just pushing a button and hoping for the best. Here are six simple tips that might help improve your chances of success

  1. Don’t use the auto-play feature; it may be tempting, especially if you can’t be bothered to sit still. The downsides to the auto play settings far outweigh the good. The most prominent issue is that the game will play without you. You can’t decide to stop if the losses are starting to rack up and you can’t change the GC limits to suit the situation. Besides, the point of playing is to have fun, setting auto play defeats the purpose of playing.
  2. When first learning Slots, the enormous amount of features and options can be overwhelming. It could help to start with the more straightforward 3 Reel games and learn how Slots work and then build up to the more advanced ones.
  3. Most of the jackpots require players to put down the GC max. Check the return to player percentage (RTP) on the win table and make sure it’s a high number before starting on a game.
  4. People play slots for different reasons; some enjoy the game, others like the sounds and lights. Winning big, and quickly seems to be the common goal that all players share though. This impatience is detrimental to playing. Winning big all at once while exciting and satisfying happens very rarely. Walking away with small amounts on Slots is not as exciting as a big jackpot, but it can give higher returns over time, the little bits will add up. Patience wins. Play slow and not for too long. After a small win consider stopping and coming back another day.
  5. Keep calm. Be patient and if you ever find yourself tuning out and mindlessly hitting the spin button, it’s time to have a break. Playing Slots is supposed to be fun after all, not just a monotonous chore for monetary gains.

Promotions & Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are one of the most significant advantages of playing in online casinos as opposed to a traditional casino. Bonuses can be gameplay related, which all games have regardless of the casino and specific bonuses that players get for using particular online casinos.

Reputable online Casinos offer promotions and welcome gifts for their players allowing them to potentially play for free. Bonuses can add a significant amount of funds to player’s accounts like 10,000 free coins for the slots or other game specific rewards. Clever players can use bonuses to their advantage and play without using their own money.

There are three primary Chumba Casino bonuses to look out for:

First Purchase BonusWhen a player gives into their account for the first time they can be eligible for a first bonus. A popular version of this is to match whatever is the player gives. So give GC100 and receive GC100 as a first bonus.

No Purchase Bonus A bonus is exactly what it sounds like. They can be as low as GC1 and as high as GC1,000. No purchase bonuses have a lengthy list of requirements. They often need a code that is sent when you register and can have a time limit that can be as quick as two hours before expiry. Another version of these is the free play bonus, which is awarded if a player hasn’t funded their account after signing up, sometimes players will be offered a minimal amount to play and test out the different games.

Gameplay Bonuses

Gameplay bonuses are a unique feature of Slots which are triggered when specific symbols appear in a winning combination. They can vary based on the particular theme of the machine, but they all perform the same function. Some bonuses result in free spins, multiplier wins and extra mini-games. Rarer combinations offer more significant rewards and depending on the theme of the machine; this can also trigger an animation to accompany the whole process. Other bonuses can include a display of several different items that the player chooses from; these can award free spins, extra credits, multipliers or more mini-games.


Promotions can be anything from free spins on the slots, free coins, or top up bonuses on certain days of the week. Loyalty and VIP programs are also offered and can give points for every play that can be used to get extra credits and other wonderful gifts. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on promotions because they are updated regularly and can provide additional funds to play games.

Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Most online casinos offer free spins as bonuses when signing up or when other specific conditions are met. There are also practice games that allow players to learn the game and figure out how they like to play without having to win first. Players can register or play the free games in the internet browser without needing any sign-up information. Keep in mind though that anything won in the practice games isn't cash prizes and can’t be cashed out.
There are slots for every budget GC1, GC10 , GC100, there are thousands of different of games, and they all vary in price. Because of the high volume of games, chances are there is a game that will suit every player and their needs
Chumba Casino offers 24/7 support via email through [email protected] They are available at all times to answer any questions and queries.
It’s up to you. Playing more gives bigger wins, playing less gives smaller wins. Play to your budget and remember that if you play on one line, it’s the minimum amount for the game, so if it’s a GC1 game, each line costs GC1.
There isn’t really a straight answer to this. More lines means more cash prizes and more risk, you may win, but it may not be enough to cover the play you’ve placed. You could be play SC0.10 and win SC1 Slots are entirely random, and don't adhere to the law of averages. The decision is up to each player, try a few different plays and see which is the most fun.