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Never played Chumba? Come play!

Get ready to rock the reels with over 150 fist-pumping social casino games at Chumba Casino! No downloads required — the fun starts instantly.


And guess what? All our social games are free to play! Explore a world of endless entertainment with our ever-growing selection of online social games. We’ll whisk you from thrilling dinosaur adventures to groovy disco beats quicker than you can say SPIN!


Plus, with the chance to redeem amazing prizes with Sweeps Coins™, the excitement never stops. Join us now and let the reel adventures begin!


Which Chumba Casino game is right for you?

At Chumba Casino, we’re all about keeping things fresh. That’s why we roll out the red carpet with a fresh batch of social games every single month. But with so many choices, how do you find your perfect match? It’s easy: just think about what you're craving in your social gaming adventure! Whether it’s high-octane action, laid-back vibes, or vibrant visuals paired with catchy tunes for every win, Chumba Casino has you covered. Our tip? Dive into a few games and find your ultimate match. Who knows, you might just experience love at first spin!

Fast-paced games


Slot games are known for their lightning-fast pace. With each spin lasting only a few seconds, you can zip through dozens of games in a matter of minutes, keeping the excitement flowing non-stop. 


Relaxing games


Take your time and enjoy the leisurely pace of Chumba’s laidback gems. Whether it’s diving into serene visuals and soothing soundtracks, or strategizing slowly with video poker, savor each spin at your own rhythm.


Games with bells & whistles


Chumba’s online social slots are bursting with all the eye-catching visuals and graphics you’d find in your favorite video game. From vibrant animations to immersive themes, at Chumba Casino, there’s a game to suit every player. 


Reels of fun, reels of prizes! 

Chumba Casino's social online games are available to play with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins™. Both are different modes of play, and by playing with Sweeps Coins™ means eligible players could stand to win and redeem some amazing prizes! Ready to spin? Sign up for instant fun today!


Unlock more fun

Packed with bumper bonus features, tempting prizes, and captivating gameplay, Chumba Casino’s social casino games are all about keeping players entertained and having fun. Here’s what you can look forward to…

Play for prizes 

Spin our thrilling online slots for the chance to score sensational prizes, all while enjoying the excitement of our social casino games.


Bonus feature fun 

Get ready for a wild ride with our bonus features, where you can snag free spins, unlock extra games, and amp up the fun factor to the max. 

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Jackpot thrills 

Want more? Our jackpot games will give you more! Tap into boosted bonus features, additional spins, and the chance to redeem even bigger prizes!


Chumba Casino’s social casino games 

Step in the world of Chumba Casino and unlock a treasure trove of social gaming delights! From the timeless appeal of social slots, blackjack and video poker, to exciting newcomers like Slingo, Bingo and Solitaire, there’s never a dull moment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a fresh face on the Chumba scene, our social casino games are both easy to learn and a blast to play. 


Get in on the social slots action at Chumba Casino! With random luck ruling the reels, everyone has an equal chance of winning, or indeed hitting the jackpot! Explore a range of themes and dive into straightforward, entertaining social gameplay designed to appeal to all types of players. 



This fast-paced card game pits players against the dealer, blending luck with skill for an unbeatable social gaming experience. Simple to pick up, yet packed with plenty of tactical twists and turns, our social Blackjack games cater to all levels. Join us at the tables and put your luck and skill to the test!


Video Poker

A casino classic that combines the skill of poker with the joy of social slots! With each hand dealt quickly and the potential for big wins, it’s the perfect option for players seeking the thrill of poker without the time commitment or pressure of playing against other opponents. 



An oldie, but a classic, every move you make could lead to thrilling wins in this online casino-style version of the timeless card game. Play for free and experience the delight of solitaire right at your fingertips. Ready to test your luck? Let's hit the deck!

Games Page_Solitaire


Step into the lively world of Chumba Bingo for a chance to win big Bingo prizes! Play for your chance to win guaranteed prizes of 125,000,000,000 Gold Coins and 2,500,000 Sweeps Coins every month!

Games Page_Bingo


Say hello to Slingo, the ultimate blend of slots and bingo! Join the fun and dab your way to victory as you spin, match and coverall those “Slingos” for a full house of enjoyment. Let’s daub and sling it big — start your Slingo adventure today! 

Games Page_Slingo