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Dive into the captivating world of solitaire, where every move you make could lead to thrilling wins at Chumba Casino — the social casino where fun comes first. This online casino-style version of the classic card game brings you the excitement of solitaire gameplay right at your fingertips. And you can play it absolutely free.


Are you ready to test your luck? It’s time to hit the deck!

The goal: Become the master of the deck

In Casino Solitaire, your objective is simple: organize the cards into foundation piles, or ’stacks’, starting with the Ace and ending with the King, all sorted by suit. If you’re new to solitaire, you’ll discover very quickly this is far more than just a game; it’s a challenge to build the perfect deck. Your goal? Move the cards strategically, creating sequences and organizing them by suit.

In this game, you’ll have to balance a bit of skill with a bit of luck. That’s what makes the game so much fun! Remember, Kings reign supreme, and Aces set the foundation.

Setting up the game: Get shuffling

No need to worry about shuffling cards—Chumba Casino’s online version of the card game means we do that hard work for you. All you need to do is choose a play amount, then we’ll do the shuffling for you.

The game begins with a standard 52-card deck dealt into seven columns. Each column reveals an ascending number of cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Your task? Move strategically, flip cards, and build your winning sequence.

Master the moves: 10 simple casino Solitaire rules

  1. Columns: Once you’ve picked your play amount, the cards will be dealt for you. They’ll be dealt into seven columns, with ascending numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  2. Face-up cards: The final card of each column is face-up, while the others remain face-down. Use these face-up cards to strategize your moves.
  3. Suit Stacks: The four suit stacks are empty at the start. Your goal is to fill these stacks from Ace to King with suited sequences.
  4. Stock Pile: The remaining cards become the stock pile. At the beginning, there are four empty stock piles for each suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades).
  5. Play Deck: The leftover cards create a single ’Play Deck’. When there are no more cards left in the stock pile, players can use this deck to draw additional cards throughout the game.
  6. Moving Cards: Place cards on a card of the opposite color and one rank higher. Timing and precision are key to making the right moves.
  7. Colorful Stacks: Create stacks alternating between red and black colors in descending order. Uncover face-down cards to expand your options.
  8. King’s Kingdom: Use Kings to fill empty columns, allowing you to progress further in the game.
  9. Card Hierarchy: In solitaire, cards are ranked from Ace (low) to King (high) when building sequences and moving them between piles.
  10. Unveil the Mystery: Flip face-down cards to uncover hidden opportunities. Every revealed card could lead to your next big move!

How to play casino Solitaire: Chumba Casino’s step-by-step guide

Cards can be moved between columns, just ensure they are in descending order and follow an alternating color pattern of red and black.

You can move any Aces to the suit stacks and build up cards of the same suit in order, starting from the lowest card up to the highest. Your strategy is to build up the suits from Ace (low) to King (high). Remember, it’s not just about the cards; it’s about your skill and strategy!

Ready to make a move? Cards are easy to move. Just touch or click ’select’ and drag a card to the desired spot. You can move a single card or a whole column. Just select the highest card you wish to move, and you’re good to go.

A little trick to make the best move possible? Double click on a card and it will automatically make the best move for you.

You can turn over cards from the Play Deck to see if they can be moved to a column or the suit stack. Typically, you’ll need to look for cards in descending order and alternating colors. BUT you can only go through the Play Deck once. Once you’ve gone through all the cards in the Play Deck without making any moves or finding any suitable placements, you won’t be able to do it again.

To make things more exciting we’ve got some additional game features you might like to try…

Side game excitement

Spice up your solitaire experience with two thrilling side games! Test your luck with “No Moves” if there are no moves possible, or try your hand at “Red and Black,” where the right cards could multiply your winnings!

In-game features:

Undo: Made a move you regret? Undo it!

Hint: Need a nudge in the right direction? Use the hint option and reveal your next brilliant move.

Auto Play: Let the game play for you, employing the best available strategy. It’s your shortcut to success, but remember, the thrill of victory is in your hands!

End Game: Ready to step back and strategize? Ending the game brings you back to the play selection screen, ready for your next thrilling round.

Join the Solitare social casino fun today!

Casino Solitaire at Chumba Casino is not just a game, it’s an adventure! Test your skills, challenge your luck, and experience the excitement of solitaire like never before.

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