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Introducing Slingo, a new experience at Chumba Casino which, you guessed it is… a unique and fun cross between slots and bingo!


How it works:

When you play Slingo, you will get a 5 x 5 grid with numbers and 5 spaces underneath. Depending on the game, you will get between 9 and 11 spins for each play. The idea is to match as many numbers on the grid as possible. Each spin reveals 5 numbers or symbols including wilds and free spins in the bottom row. The idea is to match numbers in lines which are called “Slingos”. The more Slingos you get, the better the prize you win. Once your spins are up you can end the game and collect your prize or you can continue more spins by playing more coins. It might sound complicated, but trust us it is very easy and fun to play!

Climbing the ladder:

Once you fill a five number row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally you make a Slingo line. For each Slingo line you make you move up the prize ladder with the best prizes at the top. Filling the whole grid is a full house which wins you the top prize!


Special Slingo symbols:

To make things more exciting, it's not just numbers but there are also special symbols which you can land on the reels which differ from game to game, such as wilds, free spins and even jackpots.

For example, in Slingo Berserk you will find these symbols and features:

  • Wild Lightning (Lightning Hammer): Wild symbols where you can choose any grid number above that specific reel.
  • Blockers (Mace): A blocking symbol that you want to avoid.
  • Free Spin (Shield): These give you another spin to try to fill the reels!
  • Jackpot Round: When a lightning hammer symbol lands it will shoot coins up to the chest. If the coins cascade down the screen the jackpot game is triggered.
  • Vikings: During the Jackpot round, pick coins to reveal the Vikings until three of the same are revealed to win the jackpot.

Extra spins:

Once your spins are used up, extra spins are available after each game but require extra coins to be played.

The number of coins required for an extra spin is dependent on the grid position and potential prizes.

An extra spin could be in excess of the base game play amount. You can control extra spin limits in the game controls located in the top right corner of the Slingo game. The game will also display how many coins you have played so you can keep track.


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