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December 5, 2019 12:44 am | Uncategorized 0

Maria A. from California hit the Grand Jackpot on Chumba Casino’s smash hit slots game Stampede Fury, becoming the third member of the exclusive Chumba Casino Millionaires Club.  With a whopping SC1.2 million Grand Jackpot win, it was a shock to say the least!

“I told the person who introduced me to Chumba, and I told my best friend and I told my son,” Maria explains. “My son didn’t believe me. He said, ‘No way, mom,’ and then I showed him the screenshot and he goes, ‘That’s the Gold Coins,’ and I said ‘I know honey, that’s what I thought! But it’s not! And then he said, ‘OK, when are you moving up here?’ I’m still in shock.”

Once Maria organizes everything, she plans to move to San Francisco to be closer to her sons Avery and Aiden and her grandson, Jordan.

Maria almost didn’t live to see the birth of her grandson. Two years’ ago, e-coli was discovered in Maria’s bloodstream and she was told she had a 10% chance of living. She was hospitalized for over a month. Just before she went to hospital, her son told her she was going to be a grandmother. Not wanting to worry anyone, Maria didn’t tell anyone how sick she was. She prayed, “I just want to live to be a grandmother.” Miraculously, Maria made a full recovery and her wish to be a grandmother came true.

Maria’s been playing on Chumba for about a year and finds it a nice way to unwind. She plays whenever it’s convenient during the day; she might be waiting for an appointment, or in between getting ready for work. It was while she was getting ready for work that the stars aligned and the Stampede Fury Grand Jackpot hit, signaling the start of a big, life-changing event for the player who has given so much to others.

Maria’s win feels like some compensation for all the hard work and dedication she’s given others over the years. Raised in California, from a young age she was a strong leader – paying rent and providing support for the rest of the family.

Her fantastic win will allow her to make more choices now. She can move wherever she wants, and will choose to live closer to her sons, who live in San Francisco. Her win features up there with her most significant moments in life – the birth of her children and not dying from her e-coli infection understandably ranking higher!

Providing for her family and travel are going to be on the agenda, perhaps Australia, Europe and the Bahamas to get started! Just imagine what you would do with a win like Maria’s!

Every week more players are winning big on Chumba Casino, and there are so many games to choose from you’re sure to find something to thrill you! The number of jackpot games is progressing, as are the starting amounts, meaning there are more reasons to play on Chumba Casino than ever before! Looking to delight its prized community of players, the site continues to grow its games, variety and prize pools. Go to today to register and start spinning!

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