The Big Goreela

Slot Machine / 576 ways Jackpot game

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  • Minor, Major and Grand Jackpot.
  • Grand Jackpot starts at SC30,000 and won on any bet level.
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Stampede Fury

Buffalo Slot Machine / 5 reel 243 ways Fireshot Jackpot™ game

  • Three or more Scatter (Buffalo) symbols award the free spin feature, where you have the choice between more spins or more buffalos.
  • Shared Fireshot Jackpots with Reelin n’ Rockin where Grand Jackpot starts at GC$100,000, Major Jackpot starts at GC$5,000 plus minor and mini bonuses, all of which can be won at any bet level.
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Wild Roads

Three Reel Slots / Fireshot Jackpot Game

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  • Take to the open road and choose your destiny with three free-spins options with this three-reel, Fireshot Jackpot™ slot game! Land four or more gold coins to trigger the Fireshot feature and huge wins.
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Progressive Slots Online

Progressive jackpot slots online function is the same as the classic and video slot alternatives. Players spin the reels and win or lose based on the combinations that come up when the reels stop. Progressives have one huge difference though, on most other slots, the prize is fixed at a certain level, it doesn’t rise or fall based on the player’s actions. Progressive jackpot slots online are all linked, often with other games of the same type, and a small percentage of every play made by players feeds the jackpot until it is won.

The more people who play, the more the pot grows, and some of the larger and more popular jackpot slots can reach huge sums before they are finally won.  

Progressive jackpot slots online are one of the most popular games at online casinos because of the massive jackpots offered. So if you’re feeling lucky, and aren’t worried about odds, or the thought of winning a huge prize excites you, then progressive slots could be the game for you!

Look to the Chumba Casino Progressive Jackpots Guide for more information – here.

Types Of Progressive Jackpot Slots 

Progressive jackpot slots online have three different ways of contributing to their jackpots. The individual games all play the same in terms of how the amounts work and gameplay.

Standalone Progressives Jackpot Slots Online

Standalone progressives have a jackpot tracker and only on a specific game type take a share for the communal pot. These type of progressives will generally have some of the smaller jackpots on offer. . 

Local Progressives Jackpot Slots Online

Local progressives were the next step in the evolution of jackpot based slots. The overall network features hundreds of linked games or sometimes a great deal more. The top prize varies, but can be as low as hundreds of thousands, or climb well into the millions. 

Wide Area Network Progressives Online

Lastly, and by no means least, are the most popular and highest progressive jackpot slots available. Wide area network progressives form a vast online network that can have players from many different places contributing into the pot. With such a considerable amount going into the jackpot, the top prize will often rise above SC1 million. On Chumba Casino, we’ve had numerous progressive jackpots go above this amount!

Chances Of Winning A Progressive Jackpot Online

Progressive jackpot slots online have lower odds than the standard video and classic slots. Online casinos program the games to have a lower RTP, (Return To Player) to maximise the overall jackpot. The odds of a win increase depending on the game type, local progressives have a limited number of players and the prize will be won more frequently. Unlike a lot of other luck-based games of chance, like the lottery, jackpot slots are available at any time of the day year-round. As soon as the jackpot goes off, the whole process immediately resets and begins again. 

How Do I Win A Progressive Jackpot

The only factor in winning a progressive slot jackpot online is random chance, that’s it. There is no other player-based factor; it’s all the luck of the spin. No strategy or system will increase your odds. For a lot of progressive slots, the only way to go into the draw for the jackpot is to play the maximum amount. The chances of winning the jackpot are minimal, but the rarity means there is more time to build up the prize into the vast sums that have made the game type so prominent and popular in online casinos. 

Common Misconceptions About Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Every player who enjoys online casino games will eventually come across someone who believes they have a full-proof system; it’s inevitable. These types of players should be ignored; no system or trick can help you win, it’s all luck. While these types of players can be easily disproved, several myths and misconceptions surrounding online progressive slots have become so well known; they are considered fact, which is a huge mistake.

The Jackpot Is Due Because It Hasn’t Gone Off In A While  

If the jackpot hasn’t been won in a while that doesn’t increase the odds of its going off. Similarly, if it has recently been won, that doesn’t mean it won’t go off again for a while. All wins are based on random number generators and can theoretically go off at any time. It doesn’t matter if it has just gone off, or it’s been three years, the chance remains the same, time means nothing in progressive jackpot slots. 

Past Results Don’t Change The Odds

It doesn’t matter if a slot game type has given players big wins in the past; that is no indication of future wins. Too many players get caught up in past performance or miraculous events and try to predict the future. There is plenty of data out there to provide accurate results of win frequency for specific games, and they rarely indicate anything out of the ordinary.