Reelberry Blast

Slot Machine / 25 payline game

  • In Reelberry Blast, the symbols are berries bursting with goodness and juicy prizes.
  • This berry-themed, 25-line game has generous free spins and re-spins features.
  • Packed with goodness in every spin, have a blast with this berry good game!
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Medusa's Golden Gaze

Slot Machine / 25 payline game

Greek mythology-themed game.

Rather than turning people to stone, Medusa’s Golden Gaze duplicates stacks, turning spins into massive wins!

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Viking Odyssey

Slot Machine / Base game 20 ways. Bonus game 40 ways.

  • Viking-themed slot machine, with amazing features.
  • Cartoon-like viking slots game, with amazing animations and wins!
  • Collect shields to unleash the kraken in the bonus feature and win big prizes!
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Spell of Odin

Slot Machine / 25-payline game

  • Spell of Odin, set in the land of Norse mythology!
  • Choose your free spin feature!
  • Three bonus games to choose from, each awarding free spins, with a 3x multiplier, free spins with extra scatters and wilds and free spins with a wild multiplier!
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Slots Games

Slots Online

Slots are one of the simplest online casino games available, they rely heavily on luck rather than skill and are incredibly popular. Slots require little base knowledge to win, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first spin or your one-thousandth everyone has the same chance of winning.

The goal when playing Slots is to use vertical reels containing pictures and symbols to make winning combinations. In a winning combination, symbols can be horizontal, diagonal or in a zigzag, depending on the game type. Each reel comes with dozens of symbols and pay lines, with such an array of symbols there can be millions of possible combinations.

Winning combinations are different for each game and can trigger game specific bonuses. Each game has the winning combinations available on the information screen.

Online Slots come jam-packed features like high definition graphics, sounds, state of the art animations and most importantly bonuses, which can award anything from free spins to extra credits. Online Slot games usually have a theme based around foods, gold, mythical monsters and even big jungle animals! chances are if it’s a popular theme or concept there is a game for it.

Online Slot games are mostly the same as the machines you’d find in a traditional real-life casino, except they can be played anywhere with a reliable internet connection and on any device which can download or play software such as phones, tablets or computers.

Why Play Online Slots At Chumba Casino

Slots are fast and fun, but they can also be incredibly cheap. With some games going as low as 1c a line, players won’t have to break the bank to play. Slots can provide hours of entertainment for almost nothing, and there are no time restrictions or pressure to keep playing. Players can have a few quick spins to pass the time or settle in for a long session.

The sheer number of slots games available means players can have a different experience every time. When one game gets stale or predictable there are thousands of others to choose from and software developers are creating new ones all the time. There are Slots selections that will suit every play style, whether it be a casual spin every now and again or a regular gaming experience.

Playing online also has one significant benefit over the traditional casinos, the bonuses. Most casinos will offer bonuses for new and old players alike, with things like free spins and extra credits on offer. Whether it’s the bold, vivid colours, sounds, the flashing lights or the joy of winning Slots are a game that has something for everyone. 

Slots Options

Slots are incredibly versatile and can be played in many different formats. All Slots follow the same basic rules, the slight differences such as the theme or symbols don’t change the gameplay. The following are the most common game types that players will encounter.   

Classic Slots- Have three reels and the follow the retro arcade style machines. The symbols will be the old-school bars, melons and cherries from the original Slot machines. They are an excellent intro for beginners because of the limited options.

5 Reels – Are the standard game type and have 5 reels. 5 Reel games include bonuses and most will have animations. They are great for players who want the standard Slot experience.

3D Video Slots – Have the most interactive features of all the game types, they include lights, sounds and interactive graphics. 3D Slots are ideally suited for players who like to interact with the game.

1024 Way Slots –Playing a 1024 game means automatically placing a SC on all 1024 pay lines available for one flat price. The initial investment is significant but the potential winnings are usually more significant too which is why they are favoured by players who like to play for big wins.

243 Ways  – Similar to 1024 slots, players pay a flat price for all 243 lines.

Aztec SlotsThe games have the same popular slots formula, spin the reels and make winning combinations, but the Aztec-themed gameplay ensures the experience is unique. 

Egyptian Slots  One of the most frequently used themes for casino slots is ancient Egypt. Regardless of whether you go to an online or a traditional land-based casino, you will find several games devoted to the theme. 

Progressive Jackpot SlotsProgressive jackpot slots online function the same as the classic and video slot alternatives. Players spin the reels and win or lose based on the combinations that come up when the reels stop. Progressives have one huge difference though, on most other slots, the prize is fixed at a certain level, it doesn’t rise or fall based on the player’s actions.

Fantasy Slots – The fantasy genre occupies a special place in literature and media, the magical worlds fiction set in fictional universes having captivated audiences for thousands of years. Often inspired by real-world events or folklore, the theme has inspired an army of different slots. Online slots come in several different formats, and while there are fantasy slots in each category, some have better gaming experiences than others.