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Donnalyn N. – Chumba Winner – SC1.88M

September 12, 2019 11:50 pm | Uncategorized 0

Chumba Casino’s first millionaire and first member of its Chumba Casino Millionaires Club, Donnlyn N. won SC1.88 million on our progressive jackpot Fireshot Jackpot™ game Stampede Fury!

Shortly after seeing her huge win, Donnalyn said, “I’ve been in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I was playing Stampede Fury because of the jackpot, and I was looking at it like, ‘Well I won’t win the main jackpot, but I might win some!’ I thought, ‘OK, I think I’ll play SC20.00,’ and I looked, saw the amount I’d won and I thought, ‘What?! I think they’ve made a mistake!’ I just could not believe it!”

A native of Hawaii, Donnalyn had spent many years working hard to support her family while working full time as an educator. “I’m still in shock because it’s a miracle. The first thing I thought was, ‘I can help people now!’”

“I’ve been playing for about 3 or 4 years on Chumba, and I like to play SC0.50, sometimes I play a SC1.00. I like to play Stampede Fury, The Big Goreela, The Frozen Queen, Super Dazzling 7s, Gem Huntress, Nefertiti’s Gold, Classic Spins and some of the smaller games too.”

It seems only fitting that someone with such a big heart and love for community and family should win a life-changing prize. “My philosophy in life is, ‘Be good, be patient, be humble and be grateful’”. When things are going well, we sometimes forget about those things. It’s how we are when things aren’t going well that prove who we really are.”

Donnalyn plans to use her win as a platform to help others. She explains, “I try to help people even if I don’t have anything. That’s part of my DNA, that’s part of being Hawaiian, we give. God is going to bless me somehow, it’s going to come from somewhere else. It’s an affirmation that I have been blessed.”

We love that Donnalyn chooses to play on Chumba Casino and we wish her every success with all her charitable projects and future endeavors.

Donnalyn describes it perfectly, “I am really really happy! Words can’t describe how happy I am!!”

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