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Fireshot Jackpots™ Produce 2nd Millionaire

September 12, 2019 11:49 pm | Uncategorized 0

Cindy B is the latest lucky Chumba Casino player to have stuck it rich with the company’s Fireshot Jackpots™, receiving a sweet SC1.127 million after she hit the grand jackpot on Stampede Fury, a progressive jackpot which is linked to the site’s other Fireshot Jackpot ™ game, Reelin’ N Rockin.

Back in April of this year, Donnalyn Kalei hit the big time and became the first Chumba Millionaires Club member, receiving an even sweeter SC1.88 million check.

Having doubled the membership of the exclusive Chumba Millionaires Club, Cindy not only receives the cash, but also a commemorative plaque and a unique membership card. 

She wasn’t sure what she had won. “I think I might have won a coupon,” she said in an interview. You might argue that she won a kind of coupon, but you wouldn’t normally expect it to have a redemption value of SC1.127 million!

Upon hearing the news, Cindy was quietly emotional. “It’s made my life; considering I just lost my husband eight months ago, it’s the most positive thing I’ve had in my life.”

Married for over 30 years to late husband Jim, who died in September last year, Cindy recently moved from Montana to North Dakota to be closer to family. This win means so much to her. “It means financial security. My husband recently passed away and didn’t leave me with a lot. We had our own business, so our business shut down; this will help me and my boys tremendously.”

With such a life-changing sum of money, it’s no surprise Cindy will be seeking the advice of a financial advisor, to help ensure she makes the most of her money.

What would you do with a million dollars?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point or other, but for Cindy it’s real. Only weeks before landing the grand jackpot, Cindy moved from the family home she was forced to sell, to a rental condo until she could afford a house. Now suddenly the world has opened up for her. “I moved into a rental condo until I could afford a house. So guess what? I can afford a house now!” And given her win, she’s not too concerned about the costs incurred from breaking the rental contract. We wouldn’t be either!

Mother of two grown-up sons, Cindy has been playing on Chumba Casino for over three years. Aside from Stampede Fury, her new favorite, Cindy likes lots of games on Chumba. She expands, “I like Iron Reels, Gem Huntress and Big Goreela; I kinda play them all. Of course, Stampede Fury – I like the bonuses, I like how they give you more bonuses. I feel like I get more spins on that one.” And indeed she has 1,127,000 millions to like that one most!

This is obviously the biggest win Cindy’s had on Chumba, but not her only win on Chumba. Her next biggest win was “on Iron Reels, about two years ago, I won SC6,000.”

Cindy has grand plans for her grand jackpot fortune. She explains, “I was thinking of going on a couple of trips this summer, so I’m definitely going on them now!” She plans to visit, “California and Nevada, and then to Wisconsin, to see family and friends. I might be going somewhere else now too!” An ideal vacation would include fishing, traveling and family time. On the topic of her favorite places to visit, Cindy says, “Florida. I’ve been there several times with my husband. Right before he passed away we did the whole trip around – up to Oregon and Washington coast, eating all the fantastic seafood. It is a good last memory.”

And if Jim were still here in body, what would he want to do with the money? On this Cindy is crystal clear. “We would build our dream house. We had a dream house on some property that we had there, that we’d planned for ever. We would have built our dream house. Absolutely. It would’ve been the very first thing we did. And give our kids money to put a good downpayment on a house. Absolutely what he would’ve wanted to do. We were married for 33 years. We were very in synch with those things.”

Jim’s passing has meant Cindy now focuses on other areas and how her Chumba Jackpot win will help. She explains, “For the past 13 years I’ve been a special education teacher, teaching children with autism spectrum disorder and Down’s Syndrome. I’m hoping to get involved in the Special Olympics as a coach, and this win will really help with that.”

It’s natural to assume that Cindy loves Chumba; her unique circumstances could predict that. However, for Cindy it goes much deeper than simply the win. She explains, “Chumba is the most personal casino out there. I go on Facebook and I’ll message Chumba and they get back to me right away and it’s like we’re best friends. When Jim died, there was so much sincerity in Chumba’s responses. It’s a casino! You don’t expect something like that. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed, it’s just amazing. I’ve been very impressed with that.”

We think it’s a perfect description of Chumba’s ambitions; building a loyal community of online social casino players who are appreciated for the real people they are.

And finally, asked how she was feeling, after hearing the news of her huge win, she said, “I’m anxious… I’m thinking that the dinner I just threw in the microwave is probably not good enough!” We doubt Cindy will be eating any microwave meals in the future thanks to Chumba Casino.

With more and more winners every day on Chumba Casino, it’s clear players have plenty of fun on the site, with new games added constantly. Connect with Chumba Casino on any of their social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – for more opportunities to win Sweeps Coins and find out about the latest releases, offers and fun! Head to now to get in on the action!


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