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Scratch your way to instant wins with Chumba Casino Scratchcards! 

Ready to turn a moment into magic? Look no further! Experience the adrenaline rush of instant wins with our exciting collection of social casino online Scratchcards. 


With eight thrilling new games to play, you’re in for a Chumba-sized treat that invites you to scratch beneath the surface for the chance to win big. 


What’s so special about online scratchcards?

Well, let us tell you! They’re fast, they’re fun and they bring a burst of energy to your social gaming experience. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these digital delights are just a few clicks away, giving players the opportunity to scratch and spin any time they want. Just pick your preferred device, hook up to your internet and you’re ready to go! 

They’re super easy to play, too. The simplicity of the gameplay and instant results make them a great choice for players seeking quick and straightforward fun. No tricky strategies to master, no complicated gameplay to decipher—just scratch away for instant gratification, and, of course, the chance to win some pretty impressive prizes. 

With eight exciting online Scratchcard themes to choose from, players can unlock a new social gaming adventure every day. There’s always something new to scratch and discover! It’s like opening a surprise gift every time you play. 


Immerse yourself in a world of color, creativity and captivating themes that add a layer of excitement to each Scratchcard game. 

So, if you’re all about quick, dynamic, and relentless fun, get ready to dive into the world of social online Scratchcards. Play your scratchcards right and you could redeem some amazing prizes too.

You’re just a scratch away from the thrill of victory! 

Play Chumba Casino’s social Scratchcard games


Chumba Coins


Bringing the game of chance to scratch! Simple yet exciting - match the top winning numbers with your numbers to win the prize shown beneath. You can win big prizes even by just matching one number. 


Touch Down


The beautiful game is back with this fast-play football scratch. Scratch the team football helmets and match three amounts to win. Could it be your and your team’s lucky day?


Diamonds Scratch 


Discover the brilliance of Diamonds Scratch. With seven chances to match the carat for a glittering win, there’s every possibility you’ll be sparkling brighter than a diamond when the game is over. 


Fortune Scratch  


Simple, speedy, and endless fun. For those craving a quick and easy Scratchcard, Fortune Scratch is your go-to game. With nine separate chances to unveil hidden amounts, watch your rewards stack up with every scratch. 


SpinStar Scratch 


Embark on an out-of-this world adventure with SpinStar Scratch, a 6/4 online scratchcard featuring exciting multipliers. Uncover lucky numbers and cosmic rewards with every symbol as you scratch your way through the cosmos, discovering astronomical prizes along the way. 


Pharaoh's Treasure


Delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt, where a Pharaoh's treasure awaits. Scratch away to discover secret symbols and treasures buried in the sands of time. 


Kitty Puzzle 


Solve cute, adorable puzzles with three kitties in a basket. Piece together the puzzle for your chance to walk away with the top prize.


The Link Scratch 


Amplify your excitement with The Link Scratch, a 6-game wonder where each matched line multiplies your prize. Try your luck for the chance to send your winnings soaring into oblivion!


100k Coins

Golden riches are hidden in the classic scratch - plus plenty of freeplay games to make this a winning scratch experience.


Golden Ace


20 chances to win in this classic scratch with special win features when you reveal your lucky symbols: clubs, hearts or spades. With the ace of spades you'll win every single prize on the card!


Neon Jungle Scratch


Dive into the radiant realm of Neon Jungle Scratch, where the vibrant lights of Rio de Janeiro meet the lush wilderness, creating an electrifying gaming experience that will leave you captivated.

What are you waiting for?

Play Chumba Casino’s social Scratchcard games today!

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