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Scratch, spin, and win with Chumba Casino’s Instant Wins!

Ready to play it your way and win big? Get ready for an assortment of thrilling games experiences with our exciting collection of online social casino games.


With seven adrenaline-pumping games to try, you’re in for a Chumba-sized treat that invites you to scratch, spin and play it your way for the chance to win big. 


What’s so special about online scratchcards?

Allow us to elaborate! With such a variety of different Instant Win games to choose from, you’ll never be stuck for exciting options to add to your social games experience. Whether scratching your way to fortune with scratch cards, spinning to win with spin wheels, or trying your hand at poker and blackjack, Instant Wins are fast, exhilarating and packed with chances to win big. Simply pick your favorite device, connect to the internet and away you go.


With Instant Win games, you can always play your way, as you set the amount you play at the beginning of each game. This means the amount you could win is proportional to the play you choose, offering the potential for bigger wins.


Instant Win games are pretty darn simple to play. The easy gameplay and instant results make them a great choice for players seeking fast and simple fun. There are no tricky strategies to get your head around, no complicated gameplay to work out — just immediate play for instant gratification, and the chance to win incredible prizes.


With seven thrilling Instant Win games to choose from, there’s always something exciting just around the corner. The variety adds a whole new dimension of fun too, so when you feel like playing something new and fresh, you’re just a click - or tap - away from a whole new world of wonder. 

Whatever mood you’re in, you can dive into mystical, colorful, hilarious, historical and many more themes - there’s an Instant Win game just waiting to add another layer of joy to your online games experience. 


So what Instant Win game will you try first — a scratch, a spin, a card game perhaps? You’re just a moment away from the chance to win!

Play Chumba Casino’s social Instant Win games


Elite of Evil: The First Quest


Journey back to ancient times and battle it out against the Elite of Evil bosses for a chance at fortune. Dark, mysterious and filled with evil ancient relics, Elite of Evil: The First Quest is the adventure to get your heart racing.


Diamond Digger


Diamonds are forever in this glittering mining adventure, like nothing you’ve experienced before. Travel deep into the gem-filled mines of Diamond Digger for a chance to uncover precious stones and load up on the riches you desire.


Diamond Deal

It’s lights, camera, action in this diamond deal of a lifetime if you can uncover 10 dazzling diamonds hiding in the board. Step aboard the stage for a performance like no other in this sparkling game show-themed extravaganza.


Lucky Numbers (7 11 21)


If addition, math and numbers are your thing, Lucky Numbers may just be your win. Featuring three chances to add up to a fortune, all you need to do is pick the gold coins for each game, and see whether you can make the three lucky numbers 7, 11, or 21. 




Feeling a little retro? 7Up! is just the (scratch) ticket in all its neon light, vintage-themed glory. With 7 lines for you to play, match up the three panels on each line with the same symbol, and win the prize next to that line. 


Fruit Punch Up    

If you’re feeling like a tasty, juicy, fruity treat, Fruit Punch Up is the irresistible delicacy for you. A delicious assortment of crazy fruits are battling it out in the ring for top fruit in this hilarious, fruitilicious mashup.




Who doesn’t love the lotto? The number choice, the spin, the anticipation, the potential win. Offering a unique twist on the ever-popular lotto style games, you can choose your 6 favorite - and lucky - numbers out of 49, and one special star from a possible 15, then match them on the spinning reel to win. 

What are you waiting for?

Play Chumba Casino’s social Instant Win games today!

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