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Player Game Review – Lucky Show

September 7, 2020 11:31 pm | Player Game Review 0

Recently released, Lucky Show has been an instant hit with our players, who gave it 4 out of 5 stars!

We surveyed over 200 of our players, and here are the results.

Of the 200 answers, only 20 gave Lucky Show less than three stars—way to go Chumba Casino!

“The bonus round is awesome. I played on the first day of release, and won the Minor Jackpot of SC20,000 with a multiplier of ×3. SC 60,000! What a day… Thank you Chumba Casino. I redeemed SC 50,000. I love this game.”

And of those players, over 60% were likely to play Lucky Show again. Fantastic news for Lucky Show players, who are winning huge prizes every day!

“Honestly I was unsure about the slot. But I like the two wheel bonus. That really kept it interesting. And I’ll be playing that slot for a while.”

  • Very Likely—39%
  • Somewhat Likely—28%
  • Neither Likely nor Unlikely—13%
  • Somewhat Unlikely—8%
  • Very Unlikely—12%

“The jackpot wheel was different, I liked the combo of win possibilities.”

What makes Lucky Show such a hit with our community? It seems that it’s not just one single thing, but a combination of different elements, with the spinning wheels a common thread among feedback.

  1. Wide range of winning possibilities
  2. Choices of bonuses
  3. Spinning Wheels Feature
  4. Graphics and look of the game

“Each spin is a surprise, there is always a chance for a big win. I love the anticipation when the wheels are spinning! Great game. I won last night.”

The play amount options also scored well with our community.

Graphics of Lucky Show

  • Very Appealing—30%
  • Somewhat Appealing—32%
  • Neither Appealing nor Unappealing—22%
  • Somewhat Unappealing—10%
  • Very Unappealing—6%

The Theme of Lucky Show

  • Very Appealing—41%
  • Somewhat Appealing—38%
  • Neither Appealing nor Unappealing—16%
  • Somewhat Unappealing—2%
  • Very Unappealing—3%

And when it comes to prize structure, it was good to see that there’s a pretty even split in opinion! We know some of you love to win big, but not as often, while others among our community would rather win more often, and not win quite so much. Where are you in the debate?

  • Less frequent but larger payouts—46%
  • More frequent but smaller payouts—54%

How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the payouts in Lucky Show? It seems that most players were overall happy with the payouts, which is great—people enjoy the game for the experience and the fun!

  • Very Satisfied—21%
  • Somewhat Satisfied—21%
  • Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied—26%
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied—19%
  • Very Dissatisfied—13%

“Very quick game to play, with a wide range of winning possibilities. The  wins go from small to quite large (large = not as often as I’d like, nonetheless are sufficient). The game allows me to play for an extended time and the bonuses are extremely satisfying. I have given the game 4 ½ stars and look forward to playing much more in the future.”

“Lucky Show is one of my favorite games. You don’t have to spin max for a chance to win the major. This is one of the best features. Overall, the best game I have played so far.”


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