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Guide To Megaways Slots

September 23, 2020 4:39 am | Casino Guides 0

Megaways Slots

Slots have been around for the better part of a hundred years, with one of the first machines developed in the late 1800s. Since those original machines, companies have gone on to improve the simple design, adding more reels, ways to win, bonus features and visuals from basic pictures to movie-quality cinematics.

The latest addition to the storied history of slots is called Megaways, developed by Australian-based slot development company Big Time Gaming; this new game type has recently seen a massive surge in popularity.

You can now play this exciting new style of slot at Chumba Casino with our first Megaways Slot called Hypernova Megaways – Read on to find out more below.

What are Megaways?

Megaways first came to the market back in early 2016 with a game titled Dragon Born; however, the new game failed to get any momentum and stayed relatively unknown to the mainstream gaming community. Two more Megaways—Starquest and Queen of Riches—followed but were mostly ignored as well. It wasn’t until roughly a year later that everything changed. Bonanza, a game with a gold digger theme launched in late 2016 and exploded in popularity, bringing Megaways into the mainstream.

Standard slots can have reels that are horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and they are set in motion when the game begins. There are three or more columns used in conjunction with the reels to create predetermined winning combinations. Megaways differ because the reels can shift during play, changing the number of rows or symbols on each spin. Most Megaways offer six reels and can have between two to eight symbols, depending on the game, and create upwards of one hundred thousand ways to win.

Megaways Special Features

Megaways offer most of the same options as regular slots, with free spins, multipliers, bonuses and more, but there are a few key differences that set them apart.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels were first introduced in Bonanza Megaways, but it is now a standard feature in a lot of games. Winning combinations explode, and new symbols roll in to fill the blank spaces, this process continues until no more winning combinations can be made.

Unlimited Multipliers

Some Megaways have no limit on their multipliers. This feature usually comes into action during the bonus round and will start at 1x, but then increase by 1x for each winning combination achieved.

Bonus Purchase

A relatively new feature, bonus buy allows players to start a bonus round by purchasing the free spins for a multiple of your stake, generally around 100x your current spin, however, this can vary.

How Do I Win?

Wins are slightly different on Megaways slots. Instead of lining up symbols on a specific pay line, the goal is to get identical symbols from left to right on adjacent lines. Size, placement and number of matching symbols don’t matter; they just have to connect from left to right. The maximum amount of winning combinations can be determined by multiplying the potential number of symbols in every reel. However, if math isn’t your strong suit, most games will feature all possible ways to win, along with odds and prizes in the information pages of the game.

Why Are Megaways Slots So Popular?

Megaways have all the best features of standard slots, visuals, varied spin options, but also add in a massive number of ways to win that far exceed normal games. Megaways are only new to the slot scene and are already well on their way to becoming one of the most popular slots in the market.

Introducing Hypernova Megaways to Chumba Casino

Hypernova Megaways is Chumba Casino’s very first Megaways game which brings the chance to experience massive wins across up to 117,649 ways.

On top of all the exciting Megaways features above, Hypernova Megaways also features Jackpot respins.

Jackpot respins trigger when you land 6 or more SCATTER symbols with 4 Jackpot types:

  • Platinum jackpot awards 2000 times your stake.
  • Gold jackpot awards 250 times your stake
  • Silver jackpot awards 50 times your stake.
  • Bronze jackpot awards 10 times your stake.

We know you’ll love all of the fun and excitement of our first Megaways game, but if that wasn’t enough, Hypernova Megaways gives you the chance to win up to 86,412,000,000 Gold Coins and 1,728,240.00 Sweeps Coins.

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