Getting started on Chumba Casino

How do I create a Chumba Casino account?

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Creating a Chumba Casino account is super easy.

** Please note that only players from Continental United States, Hawaii and Canada are eligible to play at Chumba Casino, excluding the state of Washington (USA), the province of Quebec (Canada) and territories outside the United States of America. You can read more about this here. **

There are two  ways to register:

Facebook Login
Email address

After clicking the ’Create Account’ button on the website, you'll be directed to the registration page. 

How to register using my Facebook sign in

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Registering via Facebook is quick and simple:

Registering via Facebook is quick and simple:

  1. On the registration page, click the ‘Sign up with Facebook’ button.
  2. A new pop-up window will open and ask for your Facebook email and password.
  3. Once you successfully log in to Facebook, click the ‘Continue as [Your Name]’ button to proceed to the Chumba Casino platform.
  4. You’ll be prompted with another pop-up. Here, you’ll need to confirm your email address, then read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Check the accuracy of your email address, then click on the CONFIRM EMAIL link sent to you to verify your email account. 
  5. Almost done! Once you’ve verified your email, we’ll also need to verify your phone number. Another prompt will display on your screen. Simply add your number, then click the button REQUEST VERIFICATION CODE. The verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided. Simply enter the code on your browser screen to verify your details. 
  6. Great news—you’ve successfully created your Chumba Casino account! Now all you need to do is sign in and start playing! 

How can I register if I don't want to use
my Facebook account?

You can also create a Chumba Casino account using your email address. Just follow the simple steps below. 

  1. On the registration page, enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address, then set up a secure password of your choice (at least 8 characters using both letters and numbers). 
  2. You’ll need to get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions before accepting them, so make sure you read them in full!
  3. Once you’re happy, tick the boxes and hit the ‘Create an Account’ button.
  4. Check your email, then click on the CONFIRM EMAIL link sent to you to confirm your email account. 
  5. At Chumba Casino, we’re all about playing nice with a trusted community. Verifying your phone number helps to keep your time playing with Chumba Casino safe. Don’t worry, you’ll be prompted for this information once you’ve confirmed your email. Simply enter your phone number into the pop-up, then click the REQUEST VERIFICATION CODE button. Your code will be sent straight to the number you provided. Enter the code into the page on your browser screen to verify your account.  
  6. Once you’ve verified your email and phone number, you’re all set!