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Jacks or Better is the most commonly played video poker.

The objective of the game is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. The lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks. So a pair only qualifies with Jacks or Better.

You can hold any of your first five cards and those cards will not change when you press draw again. The better your hand, the bigger the payout! Wins are also instantly shown and pay you according to the paytable.

Video poker is a virtual card game based on the popular poker variant Five Card Draw. The goal is to make the best five-card hand on the pay table. All winnings are paid out based on the pay table for each game, and each game type will have a different minimum hand. The rank of the poker hand decides how much can be won. The number of in-game currency wagered, also plays a factor in calculating any potential winnings. Video Poker is more straightforward than other poker variants, it eliminates bluffing, constant playing and allows players complete control over the speed of the game. Video Poker, unlike Slots and Roulette, relies on a bit of skill, after play has started players get one chance to get new cards and decide which cards they want to keep and which to throw away. Video Poker has a low house edge of between 0% -3% depending on the payout table and is one of the few games where players can have a choice in the outcome. It is the same game that players would find in a traditional casino except in online Video Poker, users can play from anywhere and at any time, whether it’s a few sneaky hands during a lunch break or a massive session at home. The online game browser comes with animations and sounds that give the player the experience of playing the casino game without having to set foot in the building.
Video Poker is an excellent introduction to casino poker for new players. Online Video Poker is the most straightforward poker game available and only requires a basic understanding of the poker hand rankings. When playing online, there is also the added benefit of being able to take your time when making decisions. There are Video Poker games that will suit every play style, whether it be a casual hand or a regular gaming experience, they’ve got you covered. The minimum plays can go as low as a GC1 per hand, ensuring players won’t have to break the bank to start playing. Unlike slots or roulette the longer people play, the better they’ll get, learning the hands is only half the battle, knowing which hands are more likely to come out and how to make winning combinations consistently is where real strategy begins. Then there are the wild-card games; some Video Poker games include one or more wildcards. A wildcard, usually a Joker or a 2 can substitute for anything and drastically increases the chances of creating high ranking poker hands.
All versions of Video Poker follow the same basic gameplay and rules. Most games are played with a virtual 52 deck of cards, and Joker Wild games will have one or two jokers thrown in. Some games will allow multiple hands to be played and enable more than one set of cards to be played at once. There are also free to play games which require no sign-up obligations or downloaded software, but the winnings in the free to play games are fake and cannot be cashed out. The following are the most common types of Video Poker; most online casinos should have at least one of these available. Jacks Or Better - Is the most common type of Video Poker. It has no wild cards, no extra rules and is the best to learn for beginners because of its straightforward rules. A Pair Of Jacks is the minimum hand that pays out. Tens Or Better - Has the same rules as Jacks Or Better, except the payouts start at a Pair Of Tens. Deuces Wild -Twos can be substituted for any other card, making it easier to make high ranked poker hands. Deuces Wild is similar to Jokers Wild. The lowest paying hand is usually Three Of A Kind or better. Deuces Wild is perfect for players who like to mix things up. Joker’s Wild -Jokers can substitute for anything making it easier to make high paying poker hands. Like deuces wild, the lowest paying hand is usually a Three Of A Kind or better. Most game types of Video Poker will be a variant on these four. For example, Bonus Poker offers a bonus for four aces. Double Bonus Poker is the same as Jacks Or Better, except it gives bonuses for different kinds of Four Of A Kind. The exact combinations that pay are located in each games pay table and should be accessible from the main screen.