The Great Heist

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Crime caper-themed 4 by 5 reel slots game, with 178 connected ways to win.
With amazing characters and big wins, it would a crime not give this game a spin!

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The fantasy genre occupies a special place in literature and media, the magical worlds fiction set in fictional universes having captivated audiences for thousands of years. Often inspired by real-world events or folklore, the theme has inspired an army of different slots. Online slots come in several different formats, and while there are fantasy slots in each category, some have better gaming experiences than others.

Classics—A throwback to the original clunky machines, classic 3-reel slots are the simplest game type available. Fantasy slots in this category are extremely basic, and only have images and symbols depicting the theme, there are no flashy visuals, bonus rounds or unique features.

3D Video Slots—This type is by far the most technically impressive, with sights, sounds and interactive intro graphics that are almost film quality. 3D video slots are the most immersive fantasy experience you will find at an online casino. They have bonuses, mini-games and other interactive features. 

3- and 5-Reel Slots—Most games will fall into the 5-reel category and are a good mix between the high-tech 3D video slots and the basic 3-reel classics. As the name suggests, they have 5 reels, bonuses, mini-games and other interactive features.

243 Way Slots—Slots in this category cost a flat price to play all 243 lines. The features aren’t as visually impressive as the 5 reel and 3D video slots, but offer larger wins.

1024 Way Slots—The next step up from 243-way slots, 1024-way slots are a flat price to spin. If your dream is to raid a few dragons’ dens for hordes of gold, then this is the slot for you.

Progressives—Progressive slots have most of the same features as 5 reels and 3D Video Slots, but one key difference sets them apart—a portion of every bet is collected into a communal pool, and will eventually jackpot, paying to one lucky player. The progressive prize can be won via a bonus round or triggered at a random moment.


The fantasy genre has a massive stable of characters settings and fantastical creatures to call upon; however, there are a few that have proven to be extremely popular with audiences and have seen multiple slot adaptations.


Dragons are heavily featured in a lot of fantasy-themed media as antagonistic monsters with a lust for gold. Despite the often-negative depiction, the large winged beasts have proven to be incredibly popular and spawned many slots featuring dragon-related themes.


Dragons are the most popular fantasy creature, but there are still plenty of others who have their own dedicated games. Unicorns, Gryphons, Pegasus the flying horse and mermaids are just a few of the fantastical creatures depicted in fantasy slots.


Magic or other supernatural elements are a main plot point used in many fantasy worlds and as a result, has seen widespread use in many slot games. Wizards, witches and fairies are common in this subcategory of fantasy slots.


Game of Thrones was an unstoppable juggernaut when it was on the small screen, and slots makers have tried to capture some of this success by making games based on the phenomenon. Complete with a soundtrack, themed reels and mini-games, pop culture slots can help fans enjoy their favorite TV shows and films long after they’ve ended.


Fairy tales have been around for hundreds of years, but were popularized in part due to the Brothers Grimm, cultural researchers and authors who collected and published folkloric accounts during the 1800s. Pick your favorite fairy tale and there is a strong chance there is a slot based on it, albeit with a unique twist on standard gameplay options. The Brothers Grimm have had their legacy forever immortalized with slots based on Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and so many more.


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The fantasy genre has always been a massive draw for audiences. Fantasy themed slots allow people to immerse themselves in their favorite fantasy setting, taking players on a magical journey into a world of princesses and magical creatures through the high-tech intro videos and animations. With such a rich stable of stories that have been adapted into slots, players can have a different gaming experience every time. When one game doesn’t appeal so much, there are many others to choose from