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Egyptian Themed Slots

Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating periods in history; it had several of the ancient wonders of the world, and to this day, is still home to the mighty pyramids. People dream about seeing these wonders for themselves, the mysterious Sphinx, the great city of Alexandria, and many other icons that call Egypt home. While it would be nice to see them in person, Egyptian-themed slots make the travel unnecessary, bringing the feelings of wonder and mystery closer than you could ever dream. 

What Are Egyptian Themed Slots

One of the most frequently used themes for casino slots is ancient Egypt. Regardless of whether you go to an online or a traditional land-based casino, you will find several games devoted to the theme. Egyptian themed slots have the same gameplay features as every other slot, and the reels spin to make winning combinations. The key difference is the symbols and animations are based on Egypt; they range from the iconic pyramids and scarabs to hieroglyphics and pharaohs.  

Among the Egyptian themed slots, players can find both the classic five-reel games and the more advanced 3D video slots. The classics have basic features, with Egypt themed symbols, colours, usually yellow and gold, and music to invoke feelings of being in the ancient country. The more advanced video slots boast bonus rounds, animated game symbols, visuals, and mini-games that can take players on an archaeological trip to a hidden tomb.