Mayan Bounty

Slot Machine / 5 Reel 30 Payline game

  • Mayan Temple themed game.
  • Featuring our first Pick-a-chest bonus feature with 6 rounds and the chance to multiply your win.
  • Discover Mayan Bounty today.
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Aztec Wealth

Slot Machine / 3x5 Reel 25-payline game

  • Ancient Aztec temple-themed game.
  • Let the wheel decide your fortune! Possible SC$320k to be won!
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Aztec Slots Online

The Aztecs were an indigenous people living in the Americas, and their empire was the dominant force in the area between the 14th and 15th century. It took the full power of the Spanish Empire to destroy these hardy people, but the remains of their civilization still attract thousands of tourists, and their images live on in various forms of media, including Aztec slots.

When the Spanish Empire encountered the Aztecs, they were searching for gold and treasure. Aztec slots explore this theme in great detail as players get the chance to experience the ancient civilization through the game’s immersive experience. With a slightly exotic feel and the promise of the hidden riches of the Aztecs, players have many reasons to keep coming back for more. With Aztec-themed slots, the games are some of the best on the market.

What Are Aztec Slots

Aztec slots bring the mysterious world of the Aztecs straight to the screen.  The games have the same popular slots formula, spin the reels and make winning combinations, but the Aztec-themed gameplay ensures the experience is unique.  The game screen has gold and silver backdrops, and the symbols can include the faces of Aztec gods, feathers, jewellery and their warriors. Even the most casual fans of history will recognize the Aztecs, and the slots intro videos, animations and graphics take players on an adventure through the long dead civilization.

Aztec Slots Gameplay

The majority of Aztec slots have a standard 5 reels, and nine pay lines. The simplicity makes it an excellent introduction for newer players, or more advanced ones who want to enjoy a basic gaming session. Wild symbols take the forms of animals, and gods, and can substitute for other symbols to create more winning combinations.  

A bonus game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols line up. The bonus games are immersive journeys that can take players on trails to find gems and earn more points. When several scatter symbols appear, players can win free spins and get to experience a fun animation. If there are five or more scatters, then dozens of free spins can be awarded. Play Gold Coin or Sweeps Coins versions of Aztec-themed slots on Chumba Casino. They both have all the impressive gaming features, but with the Sweeps Coins versions you can win prizes!

Why You Should Give Aztec Slots A Try 

Aztec-themed Slots don’t require a deep understanding of the ancient civilisation, although history buffs will surely love that aspect of the game. The clever gameplay, easy to follow rules and bonus rounds make the game popular with beginners and more experienced players alike. The overall games are a fantastic mix of history and technology to provide hours of entertainment. Head deep into the jungle with Aztec slots and see if you can come home with some of the famous Aztec gold and silver.